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Differences between the C.A.B. M+ and C.A.B.

Differences between the C.A.B. M+ and C.A.B.

The Original Torpedo C.A.B. is the pedal that launched us on to the pedal boards of thousands – it quickly became the industry standard on pedal board cab emulation remaining that way until we upgraded and replaced it with the infinitely more powerful and user friendly Torpedo C.A.B. M

What are the differences?

  • The C.A.B. M has complete wireless remote, for Android and iOS

  • Completely new Clean preamp model included, improved power Amp models, Audio enhancer, tuner and improved EQ stacks

  • XLR output as well as TRS jack output.

  • The C.A.B. M can be used to interrupt the signal between the amp and speaker (please remember, the C.A.B. M is not a loadbox so there has to be either a speaker or suitable load after it)

  • The C.A.B. M has a memory card reader that allows to expand the storage of the C.A.B. M for 3rd party IRs (256MB micro SD card included)

  • The CAB M has an auxiliary input, allowing you to play along your favorite songs from an external music player.

  • There is a considerably higher powerful DSP on board.

  • High resolution IR capability added. Up to 200ms catered for (the original C.A.B. allows up to 40 ms)

  • New OLED screen allowing for better graphical representation of your settings and a considerably smoother navigation system.

  • More compact dimensions than the C.A.B.: 96 x 121 x 63 (mm) for the C.A.B. M and 178 x 127,8 x 58,3 (mm) for the C.A.B.


What is the same:

  • Both work the via USB Torpedo Remote Software.

  • Both utilize Two notes renowned DynIR virtual cabinet technology



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