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The Celestion Speaker Guide
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The Celestion Speaker Guide

The Celestion Alnico Blue

The Alnico Blue speaker is the original guitar speaker, the first ever purpose-built guitar speaker. It uses an Alnico (Aluminium-Nickel- Cobalt) magnet. It yields a tone that dampens the attack and delivers that legendary bell-like chime – when driven hard the Alnico compresses like no other speaker.

Its greatest ambassador is Brian May, with his Vox AC30 combos loaded with Alnico Blues. Some might say that this speaker is the gold standard for guitar speaker perfection.

You can buy the complete DynIR Celestion Alnico Blue pack hereCelestion blue

The Celestion Vintage 30

The Vintage 30 was designed in 1986 to meet the requirements of players using increasingly powerful amplifiers. It is a modern guitar speaker, able to handle more power and overdrive. The Vintage 30 is known for its rich vocal mid-range, warm low-end and delightfully detailed high-end. The intricate tones of boutique amps blossom in 1×12 cabinets loaded with Vintage 30. Vintage crunch sounds flourish when played through a quartet of speakers.

Slash epitomizes the classic Vintage 30 tone.

You can buy the Celestion DynIR Vintage 30 pack hereCelestion V30

The Celestion G12M Greenback

The original G12M of the 1960s was Celestion’s first guitar speaker to use a ceramic magnet. This speaker has evolved over the following decades while still keeping its characteristic tone. The current G12M Greenback model has more mid-range attack and the high end spectrum is contained for more punch when playing chords. Lead tones are searing without any fizz. The G12M is ideal for low-wattage amps when used in a single speaker cabinet. With its focused low-end, it is perfect fit in multiple-speaker cabinets for high-power rock amps. It brings more drive and definition to modern high-gain amps.

The most notable G12M devotee is Angus Young.

You can buy the Celestion DynIR G12M pack hereCelestion G12M

The Celestion Neo 250 Copperback

The Neo 250 Copperback is designed for players looking for transparency and clarity. It handles more power than the other speakers and delivers a tone without the signature cone break-up associated with the classic Celestion Growl. Hear your amp and playing without additional coloration. The Neo 250 has a balanced response throughout the frequency spectrum: tight low end, neutral low mids, a clear, open upper-mid definition, and well-controlled high treble. Turn your drive knob to go from shimmering tubular-bell-like cleans to “flute-like” high gain.

It offers more headroom and dynamics to your amp. You will have more touch sensitivity too.

You can buy the Celestion DynIR Copperback pack hereCelestion Neo Copper

The Celestion Ruby

The Ruby is an alnico-magnet guitar speaker that’s purpose-built to create vintage tones – and at 35-watts power handling, it’s ideal for use with mid-powered amps and combos. Bringing the instantly familiar Celestion alnico vibe with its glorious, dampened attack; the Ruby oozes a richly musical vintage warmth, with mellow highs and a smooth, sophisticated midrange.

The Ruby gives your amp a classic vibe and gives the broken-in feel of a vintage speaker.

You can buy the complete Celestion DynIR Ruby pack hereCelestion Ruby



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