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The Two notes Preamps: ALL you need to know.
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The Two notes Preamps: ALL you need to know.

With the Torpedo C.A.B. M+ getting incredible tones to go direct with your guitar and pedals to a PA or an audio interface has never been easier. But, as well as the awesome Preamp in the C.A.B. M+, getting more great tone can come from using our Preamp pedals before.

But…What is a preamp pedal? The simplest question: the pedal that will always stay on when you play with only your pedalboard.

A Preamp is the pedal that will give you your foundation clean tone, upon which all drive pedals will be stacked. That’s the preamp pedal and you can read more on the preamp pedals here. Here at Two notes, we make amazing ones (even if we do say so ourselves). Yes, they are complex, have a lot of knobs, but they are ultimate tone tools. In fact they are not that complex: they have 2 channels (A and B), both tube driven, have separate EQ for each channel, and you can add A and B together for a third independent channel called Fusion mode which can be run in parallel or stacked. We collaborated with Hop Pole Studios to have a full series of videos to go very in-depth on how what the Preamps do, how they sound and how you can pair them to get an absolutely amazing pedalboard rig. You can compare all the preamps together, each channel, all the different functions, how they react with other drive pedals, etc.

13 episodes in total, as long as a full HBO series. So sit back and enjoy all the amazing info you will grasp in these videos, through the playlist. Here comes episode 1:



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