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The Dave Friedman Collection – DynIR virtual cabinets!
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The Dave Friedman Collection – DynIR virtual cabinets!

What happens when you get an icon in the Amplifier world and put them in the legendary Sunset Sounds studio? The Answer: The Dave Friedman Collection! In 2021, the Two notes team, the engineers at the legendary Sunset Sounds studio and Dave Friedman himself embarked on capturing a selection of 5 rare, tonally distinct 4×12” cabinets outfitted with a selection of must-have, and hard-to-come-by Celestion® drivers. Each DynIR was meticulously recorded through the legendary 68×16 Custom Discreet Console using in-house mics. In short, the result has to be heard to be believed. Power? Oh Yes. Clarity? Most definitely. Mojo? You’d better believe it! If you’re ready to enrich your tone with iconic Friedman® wizardry and the air of a legendary recording space – this is one collection you can’t afford to miss!

So, what makes DynIR so special? Well, you have 8 mics for each cab, the option for placement in multiple rooms and the ability to position your mics to perfection (in front or round-the-back of the cab) – you can even hear the difference in real time. 

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 25 years, David Friedman needs no introduction. A legendary amp-modder to the the echelons of guitar royalty, including Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens and Jerry Cantrell to name but a few. An innovative amp and cabinet designer, with a roster engineered to fuel an army of discerning tone enthusiasts internationally. A perfectionist, inspecting every amp, ensuring it meets his exacting standards. Each Friedman® amplifier is built in the U.S.A. to Dave’s exacting standards using hand selected components. After a rigorous burn-in process, Dave inspects, tunes, plays and signs the chassis of every amplifier before shipping. If you haven’t gathered it by now, he knows a thing-or-two about stellar tone!

An integral part of the now legendary Friedman® tone is cabinets. We meticulously captured Dave’s favorite cabinets from his collection in Los Angeles Sunset Sound Studios with the invaluable help of Michael Neilsen of BHG fame.

Cabinets included in this release:

  • Friedman® Vintage 412 Black
    Mighty tone is the name-of-the-game with this DynIR, inspired by a vintage 4×12” Marshall® slant cabinet complete with a classic chequered grill cloth and Celestion® G12H-30 “Black Back” 55Hz 30W speakers. Sharing some of the character of its 75Hz cousin, this 55Hz version is deeper and darker in its tonal output – think of this BB30 as a more aggressive “Greenback” speaker with sublime bite, punch and depth, perfect for hard-rock!
  • Friedman® Vintage 412 G12
    This vintage 4×12” cab has been outfitted with a G12-65 speaker heralding from the late 70’s. Its massive dust cap and higher power handling translates to a warmer, fat sound, and was widely regarded as one the best speakers you could put into a 4×12”. Featuring a tight and punchy low end, this cabinet is a sure-fire hit with hard rock players seeking to inject some 80’s-style power into their performance.
  • Friedman® 412 Green
    Captured from a thunderous Friedman® 4×12” cabinet loaded with Celestion® Greenback Speakers, this unique DynIR guarantees to faithfully deliver that legendary tone, synonymous with classic British cabinets. No half-hearted attempts here – the Friedman® Green is the iconic modern tone of rock 4×12” cabinets, complete with the perfectly scooped midrange and airy top. If you’re seeking the perfect partner for British-voiced amplifiers – you’ve found it!  
  • Friedman® 412 Vint
    Captured from a Friedman® 4×12” cabinet loaded with Celestion® V30 speakers, this DynIR is a sure-fire hit for tone chasers seeking legendary tones synonymous with British cabinets. Pushing out a  formidably aggressive midrange, the Friedman® 412 Vint is perfect for contemporary high-gain tone enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of power, depth and uncompromising articulation.
  • Friedman® 412 Vint 6402
    It really doesn’t get any rarer than this! The Friedman® Vint 6402 is a faithful capture of the iconic ‘naked’ cabinet that has been a mainstay in Dave Friedman’s workshop since the very beginning. Acquired from the backline of a 70’s Laurel Canyon rock and roll legend, and “For What It’s Worth” it has no tolex so the bare wood resonates more musically and allows your amp to ‘sing’. This cabinet is loaded with a quartet of early 90’s “Greenback” speakers; these rare 6402 coned speakers are often considered to have a smoother tone than Celestion’s® current Greenback speakers. If you’re in the market for something a little special – dare we say it, a genuine piece of rock-and-roll history – you’ve certainly found it with the Friedman® Vint 6402.

All 5 cabinets have been expertly captured with 8 industry standard microphones including the Blue® Dragonfly, Shure® Unidyne III 545, Heil Sound® PR30, Sennheiser® MD409, Shure® SM57, Coles Electroacoustics® 4038, Beyerdynamic® M160 and Royer® R-121. Each DynIR was recorded through the legendary 68×16 Sunset Sound Custom Discreet Console via a HH Electronics power Amp using only Mogami® cables.

‘Dave Friedman, Sunset Sound Studios, Super-Rare 4×12’s: this is truly a recipe for an unforgettable DynIR virtual cabinet release! Fusing Dave’s next-level tone-centric mastery, with the undeniable mojo of such a legendary studio, is a sure-fire guarantee that these 5 virtual cabinets will sky-rocket to ‘legendary’ status. Dave’s reputation is unrivaled in the world of modern guitar tone; to have him working with Two notes further cements DynIR as the first – and last – word in speaker / cabinet emulation. Take it from me, these DynIR’s sound phenomenal in every respect. I can’t wait for Friedman’s and Two notes’ myriad of users to hear them!’ – Guillaume Pille – Two Notes CEO 

‘Have you ever wondered what my personal cabinets can do to enrich your tone? Well, here’s your chance to find out with the “Dave Friedman Collection” DynIR Cab pack. These cabs have be used for years in the studio, tuning artist amps and my very own Friedman amplifier line. The bottom line? This cab pack delivers what I believe to the quintessential sound of rock!’ – Dave Friedman – Friedman Amplification CEO.

All of us at Two notes are elated that Dave has chosen us to make his formidable line of cabinets available for the Two notes DynIR ecosystem. The captures can be used with all applicable Torpedo hardware (including the Captor X and C.A.B. M+ and digital legacy products), Torpedo embedded devices and the Torpedo Wall of Sound v4 audio plug-in.



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